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While the whole world is facing Covid-19 pandemic since 2020 till now, we lost a massive number of human life.  Now humanity gone through a big change, we are now in the 'new normal' our lifestyle has changed to include masks and alcohol sprays as default. Not just that we still need to be survive in some way by taking care of yourself as best as you can to stay away from the infection. As we do not have a vaccine that cures 100%, we just need to do our best to improve or maintain body immune system for fighting with the coronavirus. Here are health boosting drinks, that contains herbs that increase your immune system. Easy and quick to make by using currently available ingredients in your home, and of course, it's Delish!! 3 herbs that can boost your immune system Turmeric The vivid yellow-orange herb called 'turmeric' or well known as 'curcumin' . It is a common ingredient in India, South East Asia and Middle East. A simple herb with wonderful benefits an